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New Information In Frank Crash Murder Investigation


MERCER, PA – July 31, 2013


Detectives from the Mercer County District Attorney’s Office, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Hempfield Township Police, Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Gilkey and District Attorney Robert G. Kochems

met on Tuesday July 30, 2013 and comprehensively reviewed their investigation to date into the murder of Frank Crash. 


Mr. Crash was murdered sometime after 10:30 p.m. on July 24, 2013 in his home at 362 Mercer Road, Hempfield Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.


Mr. Crash left the Hickory Grill, Hermitage, Pa., at the above date and time after eating dinner alone. He was discovered dead at approximately 9:30 a.m. on July 25, 2013 in his home by his daughter, Pam Higbee, after she was unable to reach him by phone at work or home. Police would like to speak with anyone who can provide information on Mr. Crash’s whereabouts and activities between 10:30 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. on those dates.


Mr. Crash died from multiple stab wounds, with the fatal wounds being one to his heart and two to his lungs. The police have not located the murder weapon and are looking for any pointed instrument like a knife or scissors. Anyone finding such an instrument is asked to call the Hempfield Township Police immediately at 724-588-7369.


Based on conditions at the scene and after consulting with the victim’s family, investigators believe only cash and a large yellow gold ring with a 3.5 carat diamond solitaire, held by prongs, were stolen. A picture of a similar ring is attached. Anyone seeing such a ring is asked to report its location and/or wearer to the police immediately. “Crime Stoppers” has agreed to offer a reward for the recovery of the ring. This is a large ring with a diamond about 10mm in size or slightly smaller than Roosevelt’s head on a dime.


The police are sending multiple blood swabs and potential pieces of evidence to the Pennsylvania State Police crime lab in Erie for DNA testing, chemical analysis and fingerprints. The lab in Erie will begin processing the evidence and distribute it to other labs as appropriate. For example, after initial preparation the evidence used for DNA comparisons will be sent to the State Police lab in Greensburg, Pa., for priority testing. Based on experience in our most recent PSP homicide case, that priority testing will take more than three months.


We do not expect to receive the final autopsy report because of the length of time toxicology testing takes for at least another two weeks.


At this time we do not have a “suspect” or “person of interest.” While we are waiting for the test results investigators will be attempting to complete our time lines, locate the murder weapon and stolen property and interview family, friends, acquaintances and persons suggested by those interviews. This investigation is far from over and we do not expect it to be concluded in the near future. “Crime Stoppers” will also be funding a reward for the conviction of Mr. Crash’s murder. Any one having any information should contact the Hempfield Township Police at 724-588-7369.      


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